We always strive meet the diverse needs of our clients. That is why Little Island Transport operates a large and diverse fleet of 45 Tractor Units and 210 Trailers. We specialise in:

  • Container and/or Tanker Transport:
    We offer logistics solutions both in Ireland and internationally.
  • Haulage and Trans-shipment facilities:
    We provide container storage and handling facilities.
  • Container Sales and Rental:
    If required, we can sell or rent a suitable container type to meet your unique needs.
  • Container Handling:
    Laden container lifting facilities (up to 47000kgs).
  • Temperature Controlled Goods:
    We have a fleet of trailer mounted Gensets for the import or export of chilled/frozen goods.
  • Containerised Bulk Cargo:
    We offer tipping trailers (from 20ft to 40ft) for the delivery of containerised bulk cargo.
  • Delivery & Collection of Liquid Bulk:
    A fleet of ADR compliant tank trailers, are available for the delivery or collection of liquid bulk in ISO tank-containers.
  • Hazardous Goods:
    We specialise in the carriage of hazardous goods in containers and tanks.


Industries We Serve

Within the transport and logistics sector, Little Island Transport (Ltd) offers a wide range of container distribution and warehousing solutions to the following industries:

  • Dairy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Construction
  • Many more…

Loading the Trucks


At Little Island Transport we understand that the transport of goods is an international service. That we why we operate both in Ireland and abroad. Whatever your transport needs are we can meet them.

Transporting Containers

Combilift Container Lifter

Little Island Transport has added to its fleet of trailers a Combilift Contrainer Lifter. The Combilift Container Lifter is able to transport all sizes of ISO shipping containers. The Containerlifter hooks on behind a normal Truck and can lift fully loaded containers from the ground onto the trailer, from trailer to trailer and from trailer to ground.